Different research methodologies are used depending on the project, the client and the service offered. For information requests, a single methodology might be used. Larger projects might rely on several different methodologies.

Business research

Good business decisions are based on accurate and timely information. Work2research delivers incisive and objective research to leading organisations providing them with the information they need to drive their business forward.

Work2research can help you to find the information you need on your competitors, emerging markets, leading issues and product developments. You can choose to work with us on an ad hoc basis or let us handle all your research needs however large or small.

We can also provide you with high quality research and analysis on companies, products, brands and markets. We use primary and secondary research, industry and market analysis, desk research and our own proprietary databases.

By letting us handle your research needs, this can save you time and money. You can receive up to date information when you need it. We have a dedicated research team that can deliver you the information and analysis at a cost you can afford.

All project work is quality controlled. We keep in regular contact with the client throughout the project to ensure that the team stays on track and the client is happy with progress.

Data gathering

Access to fast, accurate and reliable information is vital to maintain competitive advantage. Work2research has its own data gathering service.

This uses telephone, Internet searches and desk research to track down company and market information. This allows us to process your information requests quickly on an ad hoc or continuous basis.

The service can also be used to find specific information on a company or a more in depth analysis on a product, brand or market.

Alternatively, a client might want to benchmark a number of companies against each other based on a particular set of criteria.

Work2research can also offer clients impartial third party analysis. This can be particularly useful where a client wants market information on its competitors without being identified as the source.

We abide by a strict confidentiality code and do not disclose any information to third parties.

Information requests

Telephone, email and desk research will be used. Contact will be made with the company concerned to try to obtain the required information.

Proprietary databases will also be used to find the relevant information and when needed, Internet searches and our own research. All information will be forwarded to the client.

Bespoke research

Work2research also produces bespoke solutions tailored to a client's needs whatever these may be. We work closely with the client to help identify business solutions. This can add value in a number of different areas.

We can offer clients a wide range of different skills and expertise. This gives us the flexibility to tackle different projects and information requests.

The research methodology used will depend on the project's requirements. This can include our own proprietary databases and desk research.

Additional information from other sources such as business libraries, trade journals, newspapers and the Internet may also be used.

At the start of each project, existing research material such as primary or secondary sources, Internet searches and proprietary databases will be used.

Proprietary databases

Company and industry data, government and statistical data, health studies, household surveys and labour market information, trade journals and newspapers.

These act as reference tools to enable us to find the right information. This allows us to spend more time on analysis and broaden our expertise in this area.

Internet searches

These are used to find and select relevant information from the extensive material now available online. Work2research uses search engines to help find information and refine the search field.

We also make use of our own list of Internet resources. Each source is recorded to ensure that this knowledge can be used in future projects.

Desk research

Where desk research cannot provide the necessary information then we conduct our own research such as telephone interviews with key figures in a company and data bought from vendors.

At all times, work2research will work closely with the client to ensure that the research is delivered in a timely and appropriate manner.



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